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Devising and delivering the music curriculum


What are the vital ingredients of a music curriculum?

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What are the vital ingredients of a music curriculum?

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As Head of Music, you are responsible for the academic music curriculum throughout the school. That does not mean you have to devise it all of course, and certainly not teach it all, but even if a colleague has a specific allocated role, (such as ‘i/c Key Stage 3’), you cannot wash your hands of any of it. This may seem somewhat daunting but it is actually highly empowering. You can choose to start at the top of the school – whether that be at KS4 or 5 – and then work backwards, devising a reverse pathway as to how each student will graduate to the next stage, should they so wish; or you can start at the bottom and work forward. And there are also other factors to consider: should each Key Stage be an end in itself, or a stepping stone to the next?


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