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Using Technology Effectively in the Music Classroom


How can heads of music ensure that music technology is used to benefit learners?

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How can heads of music ensure that music technology is used to benefit learners?

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In this chapter, we consider the changing landscape of music technology provision – and the challenges and opportunities this affords for music departments.
Technology is cheaper, more reliable and easier to use than ever before. Many students now own mobile technologies with much potential for music making, online support and provision is prevalent, and there are now more ways than ever in which we can use technology in music making.
However, there are still challenges which need to be recognised. With department budgets under constant pressure, any money we have needs to be spent wisely. The current iteration of the National Curriculum gives little specific guidance on how to use technology in the music curriculum, although there is more guidance in the National Plan for Music Education. And lastly there is time… we have so little time in which to come to terms with understanding how we can best make use of the new opportunities.
This chapter goes step by step through what I see as the important issues and provides helpful advice on how to address these. Reference is made to some of the technologies and support which are currently on offer. Inevitably over time some of these will be superseded – but the underlying principles should still be relevant for many years to come.


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